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New York School Vending Encouraging children to eat a healthier balanced diet is critical to the future of our children. Deerhills Vending is proud to be a healthy vending machine provider to the schools across Long Island. Our Long Island school vending program works in conjunction with the State of New York and local school board food policies.

Throughout Long Island, our vending machines in schools help reduce cafeteria congestion at break times. As a leading Long Island school vending company, we have helped schools establish a healthier, effective and profitable school vending service to promote balance and variety in the food and drinks offered.

Vending machines in schools, high schools and colleges spread across Long Island vend meals, salads, yogurts, fruit, drinks, sandwiches and a range of other healthy food options encouraging our children to eat more balanced, healthier and more nutritional foods and beverages, while at the same time generating revenues for the schools.

For competitive reasons, we do not post our entire school vending product offerings list online.

We offer the largest selection of healthy school vending products on Long Island. Please call us for additional information on our complete School Vending Long Island product line.

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