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Long Island Water Service
Long Island Water serviceOur Unique Water Treatment Process for Long Island NY Micron Filtration :

Traps contaminants as small as one micron (.00004 in.)
Reduces lead, chlorine, cysts and organic contaminants

Carbon Filtration :

Reduces additional volatile organic contaminants
Polishes the taste

Ultraviolet Light :

Controls bio-film and heterotrophic bacteria
Sanitizes the cooling tank

New York Water Cooler ServiceTreat your employees to the best tasting coffee! Begin with quality beans. Then consider water, which comprises 99% of your beverage. Remember, you can’t control the quality of your gourmet coffee without controlling the quality of your New York water.

Even the finest blends of coffee require premium quality water to achieve a “gourmet” brew. Our water filters reduce dirt and bad tastes and odors from water before they destroy the natural good taste and aroma of coffee.

Our Long Island water systems bring a unique, fresh approach, and a new look, to the point-of-use systems in the marketplace. Unlike a bottled water cooler, incoming New York tap water is treated as it’s needed, so the water is always fresh and great tasting. Our New York water systems have a cooling capacity that surpasses that of the ordinary bottled water cooler, so you are sure to get a cold, refreshing serving of drinking water every time.

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