Tips on Where to Place a Vending Machine in your Office

Tips on Where to Place a Vending Machine in your Office


Vending machines are a great addition for Long Island businesses.  They offer easy access to food and drinks for your employees during the day; this perk means employees will spend less time out of the office and more time focusing on their work and that they will have the energy to keep going for the rest of the day.  The process for installation does require some thought, as placement of the vending machine may affect its success in the office.  While the Long Island vending machine company that you choose will guide you in the right direction, there are some things to consider when narrowing down placement.


High traffic areas. Ideally, you want a vending machine placed in a high traffic area within your office so that it is noticed and taken advantage of.  It is important to maximize sales through placement in high traffic areas so that the vending machine company will maintain services at your office.  A machine in a dead end hallway or dark corner will likely not get much use. Break rooms, entry ways, or high trafficked hallways are the best places to put vending machines.


Business hours. Full service vending machines must be placed in an area that can be accessed by the vending machine company.  Businesses that are only open in the late afternoon or early evening can make it difficult to service since most vending companies finish up a day’s work at that time. If your business opens later in the day, let the vending operator know up front. That way they can try and figure out the best way to service the machine.


Product choices. Vending machines typically do well regardless of temperature, lighting and products.  However, if you choose to install a snack machine with products that may easily melt, such as candy bars or gummy candies, placement in a cooler, darker area (as opposed to outdoors or right in a window) would be ideal.

Available space. Vending machines are not all the same size, however they are typically large and where you place them needs to have enough room for equipment of such a large size.  Although it may appear to fit in the place you want it, there must be enough room for the restocking door to be opened.  You must also measure doorways to guarantee that the machines will fit through any passageways to get to the desired space.

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