Future Trends in the Vending Machine Industry

Vending machines have long been a staple in office buildings, shopping malls, schools and other populated facilities. The concept is easy and convenient. Hungry, cravings, afternoon pick-me-up? For about one dollar and a walk down the hall, you can solve all of those problems.  Commonly, vending machines have had a full stock of candy, chips, cookies and other sweet and salty goodies.  Long Island vending machine distributors have made substantial revenue on these locations due to the low cost of food and low cost of maintenance.  And while vending machines will always have their place, the look and feel of the vending machines on Long Island may certainly change in the near future.


A trend we are likely to see with regard to vending machines in New York, is a move toward healthier options, with nutritional information provided.  There has always been a strong push back in the vending machine industry for offering healthier options, such as fresh fruits, due to the higher cost of the items and higher cost to refrigerate and replace the items.  However, based on an obesity epidemic in America, nutritionists and other professionals have begun to take a closer look at major food sources during the day for both adults and children. Because of this, and several other factors, some businesses have made a move toward healthier vending machine options.  Taking it a step further and following in the path of restaurants, whether voluntarily or mandated, some companies have begun to include nutritional information on offered items.


Even more futuristic, in the coming years we may see vending machines that offer uncooked options.  These vending machines will have the ability to prepare and cook meals to the customer’s liking.  Thinking about it in deathly, however, this trend is not necessarily that new.  Self-serve frozen yogurt stores have allowed people to customize their orders with the aid of a machine.  And in fact, there are frozen yogurt vending machines in New York, that allow the customer to choose flavors and toppings of your liking.  Additional foods, such as pizza and fresh sandwiches, are making a splash in the vending machine in the upcoming years.


Another trend that has begun to pop up and will continue to do so in the upcoming years, is vending machines that offer something other than food.  The Long Island vending machine industry has traditionally almost exclusively catered to food options. However, imagine how easy, and convenient for New Yorkers with hectic lives, it would be if other items, such as toiletries, coffee, clothing items and more were offered in the form of a vending machine.  Certain skincare companies and coffee chains have begun to offer their products in vending machines in malls and other populated areas; this not only puts their brand in the eyes of desired consumers but makes it much easier for the products to be purchased.


As technology expands over the course of the twenty first century, the technology used in vending machines will as well. Vending machines will embrace new technology in several ways, including becoming more interactive and online accessibility.  Interactivity in vending machines may take on many forms, such as voice recognition and AI that will remember and customize orders. Human features such as communication skills are a likelihood as well given advancements in Siri, Alexa and other similar machines.  Further, you will soon be able to make purchases from a vending machine online or through an app on your phone, making ordering somehow even easier than walking down the hall with a dollar.


Vending machines will stay a mainstay in offices, schools and other buildings and will likely increase and improve over the years to come as technology, nutrition and other ideals continue to advance. Check out other resources such as http://24-7convenience.com/



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